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Acne Treatments In Lincoln Park IL Improved My Confidence

My confidence level plummeted after I started getting acne as an adult. As a teenager, I had acne for a short period of time, but it went away for several years. After I started college, the acne came right back in full force.

I was no longer a teenager, and I was very embarrassed about my skin. None of my friends had acne, so I felt very alone. Fortunately, I managed to find a few types of acne treatments in Lincoln Park IL that helped with my skin problems.

I started using a special cleanser on my face. It’s absorbed into my skin where it medicates the pores. I also exfoliate my face at night to prevent my pores from becoming clogged. My skin dries out easily, which seems to cause my pores to clog more often.

Acne Treatments In Lincoln Park IL

That’s why I use a gentle lotion that doesn’t clog pores. It keeps my skin hydrated without aggravating it. I also get chemical peels every now and then. They get rid of the black heads on my nose. These acne treatments in Lincoln Park IL have reduced my skin problems quite a bit.

My confidence has gone up, and I can relax when I’m out with friends and family. If you would like more information on getting rid of acne, consider calling Lincoln Park Dermatology.

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