Hammer Toe In Chicago IL

Types Of Surgical Procedures For Hammer Toe In Chicago IL

Hammer toe is a foot condition that commonly affects the second toe. One common cause for this condition is wearing shoes that are narrow and tight. Mild forms of hammer toe may be treated with conservative treatments, such as splinting or with orthotics.

However, for severe cases, there are different types of surgical procedures for hammer toe in Chicago IL.

Hammer toe can cause the middle joint of a toe to become bent. When the condition is in its early stages, the toe joint may be flexible, and conservative measure can help to correct the problem.

But when the condition is left untreated, the toe joint can becomes immobile and claw-like in appearance. This condition, also called rigid hammertoe, can cause pain when you wear shoes.

Types Of Surgical Procedures For Hammer Toe

To straighten the toe joint, your doctor may recommend different types of surgical procedures for hammer toe in Chicago IL. The surgical treatment options can be either for correction of the soft tissue or bone of your toe.

For hammer toe problems that affect tendons and ligaments (soft tissue), your doctor may perform a surgery to release the affected soft tissue. This will realign the joint and relieve pain symptoms.

Other surgical options for rigid hammertoe can be either joint arthroplasty or joint fusion. These procedures are for correction of the toe bone. In some cases, a patient may need a combination of these surgical procedures. Joint arthroplasty involves the removal of bone from both sides of the toe joint.

With the second procedure, a surgeon will fuse the toe joint together. This will straighten the toe joint, but you will not be able to bend it.

Although there are different surgical procedures for severe hammertoe deformities, it’s wise to explore all possible treatment options for your specific condition with your doctor.

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